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"Franck Martin's innovative entry video was filmed near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco using a 360 camera (view this video on YouTube for the full effect). His choice of instrument is just as creative: a portable modular synth. The sounds of the water crashing on the shore add to the improvisational nature of Martin's piece. Just like the tourists walking by in the video, we were stopped in our tracks watching this entry." - NPR

"After listening to Franck’s new album Symphoney, I really understood what he is trying to do with his music. It really took me out of this world. Each song, or part in this album’s case, really takes you to a different realm which is a super powerful thing for music to do. Avant-garde music has always been so interesting and powerful to me, I think some of these tracks would be great in a movie or visual art piece. Franck’s style of music has really shown me how avant-garde music can be extraordinary" - Balanced Breakfast


Born and raised in France, a 20-year resident of Fiji and traveller to all the Pacific Islands, Franck Martin is now based out of San Francisco. His musical journey encompasses this multicultural experience.

His search for sounds, emotions, going outside the rules, led him to experiment with micro-tones and quadraphonic music using either his modular synthesizer or producing music in 5.1 surround sound or ambisonic.

Franck Martin performs long sets, 15-30mn or more of live music on his modular synthesizers. He produces electronic music, organizes and promotes well attended events and concerts, and streams live.


"I make noise, some people are nice to me and call it music"

"In what key is this? The key to open your mind"

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Contact/bookings: franck at peachymango.org
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