Here are the albums I have released or I'm working on
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This page is to keep some notes on each tracks when possible



  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth

See a complete writing about this album



  • While we Danced
  • L'automate
  • Asleep
  • Dark Dance
  • Three-Four

Suspended Times

Recorded using a Moog Voyager, DSI Tempest and a modular Synthesizer. It also contains some loops and samples and was Mixed and Mastered using Logic Pro X.

  • Dusk
  • Wait
  • Few Sparks
  • FireFly
  • Suspended Times
  • Passing

Binary Trees

Mainly Loops put together using Logic Pro X. Many track where snippets done in Garage Band then expanded using Logic Pro X.

  • Test
  • Random
  • Midi
  • Run
  • Access Denied
  • Flight
  • Network
  • Happy Hour
  • Getting There
  • Space Mower
  • Voices
  • Spinner
  • Sleepless in Glasgow: Recorded while I was really sleepless in Glasgow after a flight from San Francisco via London. I did the main part on Garage Band, using the sampler for the voice and then expanded it later using Logic Pro