Here are the albums I have released or I'm working on (Get access to work in progress by joining my Bandcamp community).

This page is to keep some notes on each tracks when possible

Binary Trees

Mainly Loops put together using Logic Pro X. Many track where snippets done in Garage Band then expanded using Logic Pro X.

  • Test
  • Random
  • Midi
  • Run
  • Access Denied
  • Flight
  • Network
  • Happy Hour
  • Getting There
  • Space Mower
  • Voices
  • Spinner
  • Sleepless in Glasgow: Recorded while I was really sleepless in Glasgow after a flight from San Francisco via London. I did the main part on Garage Band, using the sampler for the voice and then expanded it later using Logic Pro

Suspended Times

Recorded using a Moog Voyager, DSI Tempest and a modular Synthesizer. It also contains some loops and samples and was Mixed and Mastered using Logic Pro X.

  • Dusk
  • Wait
  • Few Sparks
  • FireFly
  • Suspended Times
  • Passing


  • While we Danced
  • L'automate
  • Asleep
  • Dark Dance
  • Three-Four


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